Dolphin sashimi

Dolphin sashimi is one of the most wanted delicatessen in Japan. Both wild and captivity dolphins are processed to get this exquisite meat.

dolphin sashimi dolphin meat

In certain regions of Japan and Paraguay dolphins are grown until they are fat enough for butchering. It is a tradition of these people that must be respected and not judged from our occidental point of view

Dolphin meat taste

The dolphin meat taste is similar to all of the other fishes, especially tuna. Whale and dolphin meat have a light color that grows redder when dolphin grows older. In Japan and Paraguay you can get both canned dolphin meat and fresh dolphin meat.

For the dolphin sashimi we will use the fresh dolphin meat, if slaughtered the same day it would be ideal to make a recipe that will nicely surprise everybody. The 2-month old baby dolphin meat is the ideal because of its tenderness. The 2-month dolphin fish is still fed on its mothers milk, giving the meat a very soft taste that Paraguayans appreciate.

Dolphin meat for sale

At the Taiji Cove every year a dolphin slaughter is made. They kill some 3.000 dolphins and whales every season. The Taiji Cover is an inhospitable and rough place, they cannot grow rice or other vegetables because the soil is rocky. They depend on the dolphin meat to keep alive the 3.200 inhabitants population of the village.

This is the best place in the world to find dolphin meat for sale to make the freshest dolphin sashimi.

The dolphin meat price is high

It is an expensive treat. At fishermen villages in Japan it starts at US$ 10 per kilogram (2.2 lbs). But at supermarkets and online speciality stores price per lbs can go up 10x. A live dolphin can be sold to an aquarium for 5.000 USD, and a trained dolphin for live shows can worth up to US$ 50.000.

The best dolphin sashimi is made from baby dolphin because it contains less mercury than adult dolphins.

Cooked dolphin meat

If instead of a raw dolphin sashimi you want a hot dish recipe, you should try the cooked dolphin meat they way the Japanese rural people prepare it. Marinate it with soy sauce a day earlier, and then cook it in the oven with your favorite vegetables. Carrots, potatoes and don’t forget the komatsuna and the boy.

Canned dolphin meat

Canned dolphin meat is now very hard to find. Used to be sold online by Amazon, but it is no longer available due to Green Peace activism. Though not pure, if you want to eat dolphin meat, you can buy cheap tune cans that bring along accidentally captured dolphins that are included in the same slaughtered meat without distinction.