Dolphins puffer fish

Dolphins getting high

Dolphins are perhaps one of the most well known marine mammals in the world. They are part of the cetacean family along with whales, and many ecologists claim that cetaceous have a lot in common with humans.

Probably one thing is certain, they like getting high like the hippies in the 70s using the neurotoxin of pufferfish.

It is common to see teenage dolphins getting high with puffer fish. They play with the puffer fish in the mouth in the mouth until it releases a small dose of neurotoxin, and then they pass it over to a colleague dolphin.

Pufferfish defense is to inflate like a ball and generate a neurotoxin that can kill humans on regular dose. But dolphins learned to play with it in a small dose.

Recently scientists captured dolphins doing something bizarre on film. Marine biologist used a remote-controlled camera disguised as asea turtle to get close to the dolphins and while filming they watched the young dolphins interact with puffer fish. The scientists noticed they would hold the fish in their mouth, they chew it, and move up and down. It was then the scientists realized that dolphins were using the puffer fish to get a natural high.

This toxin can be fatal and have been cases of humans passing away from this toxin. What the researchers picked up on though was the dolphins were passing the pufferfish around and getting the puff fish to release only a small amount of toxin.

After the dolphins had gently chewed the pufferfish they then started to enter a trance, doing doughnuts around the others who had joined in the fun. Then, they began acting strange, hanging around with their noses at the surface as if fascinated by their own reflection.

The scientists have said this actually shows how intelligent these creatures are because they’re fully aware of the dangers but do it’s in such a small amount that it’s not fatal. It’s no secret that dolphins are intelligent. They have even been able to communicate with humans.

Just like people in the United States and pretty much the rest of the world, the scientists discovered that the Dolphins like to chew on puffer fish to get high. They get just the right amount and then they pass it on to other dolphins so they can get high as well. Puffer fish have a toxin that can be lethal if you consume too much, but somehow the Dolphins managed to find the right amount to feel good.

This incredible stuff kinda shows you how unbelievably intelligent these dolphins are.